Monday, November 29, 2010

A Dry Season - The More I Seek You

It amazes me how easily I can get off track. Just ever so slightly.

It's not like I wandered away, or turned my back on Him. But as Sunday rolled around after the Thanksgiving Holiday, I found a dry taste in my spirit. Parched. Hungry.

It's not like I hadn't prayed. Quick prayers, here and there. When I needed something. When I was confused. Sometimes, even a quick thanks when something worked out.

Still, after three days, I felt bone-dry in my heart and wondering where I'd gone wrong.

Then it hit me. I hadn't been spending time with Him. Yes, I was still communicating. Quick conversations. Request. Pleas for help.

Yet, during the holiday rush, and bustle, I'd forgotten to spend that quiet time. Just me and Him. In His quiet presence. Word open. Heart waiting to be filled. At His feet. Hanging on every word. Enjoying a time of being... just being... with Him.

This negligence happened so easily, right under my very nose and I didn't even see it happening. Things needed to be done. Shopping while the bargains were prime. There was family to do things with. Places to go. Things to accomplish.

And without His covering, I fell flat on my face Sunday morning, entangled in confusion, anxiety and guilt. Funny how easy it can happen.

"You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit." Job 10:12

Yet, He finds a way of redirecting my waywardness, of lifting my hanging head, of wiping away sorrowful tears. I'm reminded that I must make that choice to spend time with him, despite the season, activities, demands.

And the more that we seek Him...
the more we'll find Him.
the more we find Him
The more we love Him...

It's impossible to spend time in His presence without falling deeply, madly in love with Him.

(turn off the sidebar music and enjoy this video.)

Despite what season is upon us, don't forget what these seasons are all about. Find quiet times to sit at His feet, to hear His heart beats... to fill yourself with His love and peace.

Be blessed,

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  1. Wonderful reminders and song. Adding a hearty amen and prayer that I too will join you in the truths you shared...

    "and the more that we seek Him...
    the more we'll find Him.
    the more we find Him
    The more we love Him."


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