Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's been a long while since I've visited here.

Did you miss me?
I have to make a confession-
I allowed life to take me down a rabbit trail of busyness. Yet it wasn't such a bad thing. Much good came out of this side trip.

Yet here I sit, this Christmas eve, thinking over the past year, and it was some year. Also, I'm looking at next years possibilities.

Those who know me, know I think of life as a journey. A road we travel that takes us to the high places and down deep into the valleys. Sometimes we are blessed to rest beside still waters and other times, we are leaping and jumping along the jagged rocks where the clouds hang low.

Sometimes we get off the road we are meant to travel and end up lost.

Long ago, when it wasn't such a big deal to keep your dog on a leash, I remember walking with my Grandpa and his German Shepherd, Shadow. That dog loved to tramp around through the brush and all you'd see of him was a wagging tail above the tall grasses. But then, Grandpa would let out a low whistle and the brush would quake as Shadow raced back to his side and they continued on their way.

That's how God does us at times when we are tramping along the brush and forgetting where we really need to go. He's lets out a call, getting our attention and inviting us back to his side so we can get a move on.

Every year during my holiday break, I stop tramping around and stop to listen, asking,

"What's next?"
"Am I heading in the right direction?"
"What should I focus on this next year?"
"God, am I still walking on the path You've laid out for me?"
And during these two weeks He answers me.

And His guiding words are more precious to me than any packages I get this time of year.
Don't get me wrong, I love getting gifts and lots of them.
I love shopping for gifts as well.
But as I journal, and I begin to hear His words whispered into my spirit...
Nothing compares.
Nothing at all...
My fingers grip the pen as it races across the blank page more eagerly than tearing the colorful paper away from a box. And I can see there's a hope and a promise for my future. I'm seeking the shelter of His wing. He's not going to let me strike my foot against a stone.
And because I love Him so very much, He'll answer when I ask these end of the year questions. He'll answer because He is the Father of the heavenly lights and every good and perfect gift from above comes from Him.

Father God-
Thank you for answering us when we stop and ask for direction. You gave us a much greater gift than any of us can imagine or create. You gave us Jesus who came and taught us about you, who laid down his life for our wrong doings and who you rose up, to conquer sin and death and separation from you. For this reason, we can approach you any time and seek your counsel and guidance. We will always find Your arms open and Your heart full of love.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Amen.

scripture reference: Psalm 91 and James 1:17

Have a blessed Holiday and I hope to meet with you here more often this coming year.

God Bless!


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