Friday, November 19, 2010

Blog Post of the Week: 6 Things Every Christian Blogger Should Know

This weeks post made me stop in my tracks. I like to think I'm pretty good at giving God control, and maybe I do, in a sense. But I still have a tendance to grasp onto that need to please people, to find acceptance and validation for what I do. What I write. But it goes farther than that.

I want to be seen as a good parent, because I believe I'm not. I get hurt easily by my kids when they don't seem to appreciate me, or listen to my oh-so-wise words, or follow through on my request. And I look to God while pointing an angry finger at them and say, "Look what they are doing!"

I would like to be a wonderful wife, but when my expectations of my husband fall short, when he lets me down, when not all of MY needs are met, I turn to God and stomp my foot as I cry, "How can I be a help-mate to someone who treats me like that!?!"

In my writing I put out one article and story after another, telling God, "I'm sending this out now. Lord, I need to make a living doing this if you really want me to keep doing this. I have bills to pay, you know."

As I read Six Things Every Christian Blogger Should Know written by Ann Voskamp, I stopped about midway through and wondered,

"Who the heck to I think I am? Seriously?"

And I began to do some quick apologizing and repenting.

Thing is, it's not about what my family does or doesn't do. Nor does my writing depend on how much I make... or don't make. When I'm a kingdom servant, I work unto God, not men. Whatever I do is in service to my Father God who knows all my needs, who is my one and only validation.

I don't need to worry, nor do I need to strive. It doesn't matter what others do, or what they think. I must keep my eyes focused on Him, my ears attuned to His words and my feet walking in the direction He has pointed out.

Everything is meaningless, a chasing after the wind, (Ecc 4:4) unless I'm putting all I do, into God's hands.

I hope you enjoy the post. It's a powerful message. Just click on the title link above to get over to it.



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