Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Post of the Week: Lisa Buffaloe's blog

I usually like to point you to one specific post that touched me this week, but with Lisa, it's too hard to pin just one particular entry. This past week I've talked about worry. I've shared my thoughts. I've shared scripture and what Jesus thought about it. . .

The thing with Lisa is that her very life is a testimony to overcoming worry. This dear friend has faced some neck-bending obstacles, yet has found a way to get over each one. But I know for a fact, she hasn't done it alone. With each step, she learned to lean heavily on her Lord.

This post in particular seemed to put the cap on the worry bottle. When you read it, you'll see that even when we aren't aware of what's going on, God is in control and he makes a way around the bad places. That is His great love for us in action.

Click on the link to read Wonderfully Made.

And while you're there, why not check out the list Lisa came up with of scriptures that tell about how God feels about you. Read, When you need those reminders that God loves you.

You know, while your there, just have a good look around. Lisa is a true blessing.

But before you go... sit back and listen to this beautiful song and think about what I've said this week. Set your worries in His lap. Enjoy your life, friends. He loves us so very much. He's given us such beauty, so many good things. Don't let a couple of bad apples ... well, you know. Right?

Don't forget to turn off the music on the sidebar before you hit play. Be blessed~ J.


  1. Jackie, thank you so much! I'm honored to be featured on your wonderful blog.

    Love the song you chose. What an awesome God we serve!

    Love and hugs to you, sweet friend,

  2. Hi Jackie,

    I am new to your blog and came here by way of Lisa Buffalo's blog. I wanted to formally introduce myself to you and have become a follower of yours today.

    I have been following Lisa's site for a while now and every time I go there I always get filled up, inspired, encouraged and feel her genuinely pure love for the Lord and for all who have gotten to know her through her blog.

    I admire her...I love her faith walk amidst all that she has been through and endured. She is an absolute blessing to me.

    Thank you for featuring her here. She is a shining example of God's love, light, hope and so very much more.

    I'll be back to visit you again.

    I invite you to visit me even if it is only to read.


  3. Lisa, you are very welcome.

    Alleluiabelle, thank you for following. I'm blessed.


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