Friday, February 26, 2010

Faith and Prayer #35

Dear Glorious Saints,

As I spent time with the Lord recently I was thinking about how in prayer and worship I picture Jesus as Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter or the Good Shepherd. To me He is so approachable and it is easy for me to see myself as Mary Magdalene, going to His feet and being there with Him.

But what I was reading challenged me to see Him as the risen Jesus of Heaven, the Jesus of Revelation with blazing eyes and a double edged sword in His mouth. This Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. He comes riding in on a white horse with many crowns on His head. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This Jesus is so big and awesome and glorious that He is scary to me!

I prayed and said to Him, “Lord, I know how to approach You as Jesus of Nazareth, but how do I approach You as this Jesus of Heaven?” He simply said, “You approach Me as My bride.”

That answer stunned me. Even though He sees me with all my faults and flaws and failings, He sees me as His bride. He loves me. He wants me. As a bridegroom longs for and desires his bride to come to him, that’s how He feels toward me!

I cannot express what this is doing inside of me. All I know is that my response was and is, “Jesus, make me beautiful and glorious for You.” I am overwhelmed at the notion that He loves and wants me as I am, but I so desire to be a fit bride for this One who is above all else, who rules and reigns and whose glory fills the universe! It is only possible by His grace.

This is not just for me. It is true for you as well. Dear Glorious Saint, that same magnificent Jesus loves you and wants you to come to Him. He is Faithful and True and He has already given you all you need. He wants you.

Overwhelmed and in awe,


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