Monday, January 11, 2010

Throwing off what hinders...

Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Hebrew 12:1

At the end of the year, during my holiday break, I begin to ask God for direction concerning the year to come. He's always faithful to answer when we seek out his guidance. He always has been and this year, he didn't let me down.

My words for the year 2010 were: Streamline and Focus.

And God, never being in any great hurry, feeds me a bit at a time, not dumping a lot of information on me that I probably wouldn't understand anyway. So first, the words came and I pondered over them, wondering why these words? Streamline? What did he mean by that? Of course, Focus was a given. I often get distracted by shiny objects.

Squirrel!! (for those of you who've seen the movie Up.)

It wasn't until just this past week that he began to show me what these words mean to in my life. I looked up Streamline in my best friend, the dictionary, and this is what it said:

to alter in order to make efficient or simple. (n)
to flow steadily along the path of least resistance. (v)

This is what really stuck out to me-

To be streamlined is to reduce the energy required to produce that motion.

See? When I first heard the word streamline, I was thinking, "Oh yeah, I could really use to de-clutter some places in my house. I'm a bit of a pack rat." But I'm beginning to think He meant something much deeper.

And that's so God's way, isn't it?

Along with these words, I also received this scripture from Hebrews 12:1 that speaks about running our race with perseverance, throwing off or STREAMLINING those things that hinder, and keeping our eyes fixed, or FOCUSED on Jesus.

I can be running along just fine, until the path takes a curve, or begins to turn upward, disappearing into the misty heights. Then I stumble. I hesitate. I even cry and kick dirt clods around in my frustration.
Yet Jesus endured so much more. And if I really knew him as I should, then I would keep running, not dragging along a load of junk that slows me down, nor faltering when I'm unsure. I'd know he only has my best interest at heart. If I could only keep my eyes on him, and not the waves, or the storms as Peter did, then I'd be able to accomplish amazing feats because he's right there leading and cheering me on.
No, it's not an organizing session I need. The things that hinder aren't necessarily physical, though I do have a lot of clutter in some places. More so, is the clutter I've allowed to pile up in my heart, the doubts that drag down my spirit, the fears that deflate my heart. These things must be cast aside so I can run with endurance, as he did when he faced the cross. I don't have to face a cross, or humiliation, or even death. I'm just trying to make it through an average normal day.
With him, all things are possible. With him, listening to him, spending time and getting closer to him, nothing can hinder me. I'll know I'm a daughter of the living God. And in that, I can stand firm.
Father God, show me what I need to cast aside. What are the things that hinder me from being all you've created me to be. Help me to cast them aside so I can run with less resistance. May I keep my eyes on you. Not the mile markers. Not the turns. No those yelling from the stands. Only you. I pray that my focus will be on you first, so everything else can just fall into place. Amen.

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  1. This is great, Jackie. You've given me several things to ponder and work on in my own life.

    Thank you, sweet friend!


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