Friday, March 5, 2010

The Small Things

Not sure if it was more of a desperate plea or just wishful thinking, but I really, really wanted to get away from the chaos of the moment. I might have posted on a status update on Facebook: Where's a good retreat when you really need one? Or something like that. I had simply wanted to escape.

God hears those prayers. He doesn't always answer at the time you say them, but he hears all the same. And he sees your heart. And he works things out.

Life has calmed down a bit now. It's more manageable. Today, I'm leaving on a weekend retreat. I didn't arrange it, nor plan it. Matter of fact, I had pretty adamantly planned NOT to go. But the door was flung wide open and without me having to lift a finger on my part, I'm going. I only needed to pack!

That's the way of God. In spite of ourselves He will have His way.

I'm looking forward to it now. At first, I was reluctant, worrying over how things would work out, how could I leave right now, and all those things we use to ball-and-chain us. It's all worked out, and I'm free to leave right now with peace in my heart.

His ways are so good. He's a Master Planner, despite how much we get in the way.

I'm eager to see what He has for me this weekend. I'm expecting something amazing. If nothing else, at least a much needed rest in a pretty place that resounds with His spirit. It's gonna be great!

I'm reposting this video because I love how she talks about the importance of little things. Even the small things done in the secret quiet may not always have a great impact, but God sees our effort. And the Bible encourages us in whatever we set ourselves to do, that we do it as if unto the Lord and not men for the Lord always sees our heart and that's what matters most.

You may want to turn off the music on the sidebar while you enjoy this video.
God Bless,

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  1. So glad you are able to get away. Have a wonderful time!

    Loved the video too. Thank you, Jackie.

    BIG hugs!


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